Drones: discover the technology

unmanned aerial vehicles today conquer the technological market and the most rewarding personal experiences of the great adventure of living.

At the time the first development of the drone, which means drone in English, was used for military purposes. Since the First World War in 1916 was built in the United Kingdom in the Arial Target, controlled by radio from the ground in defense against the Zeppelins; in 1917 the drone precursor would really start: Kettering Bug - also known as Aerial Torpedo - by Charles F. Kettering. However, until the end of the last century, UAVs-Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles-did not begin to carry out combat operations: During the Gulf War, Bosnia and its immense utility in the electronic war to establish communications with less risk of being intercepted.

Currently the technology, which was once mainly armament, extends its use towards commercial, personal, environmental and humanitarian purposes: Support in the search for missing persons, fight against fires, playing an important role in scientific, geological research and archaeological; They in turn transport and make large footage closer to events of global interest.

Today what was born to separate people from conflicts, brings us closer to a community of users who want to share life in its natural course and in its most immediate expression to invite us to dream and enjoy everything that our eyes do not reaches to see. These gadgets designed for war, today inspire society to discover the world and themselves.

Technology teaches us once again to live by finding and savoring the beauty of the moment as it was embodied by the great painters of the schools of romantic landscape painting.

Mavic Pro: DJI.

Small but powerful drone in a compact size with the most sophisticated aerial cameras on the market.
Live the experience with unoccupied hands to give yourself to the adventure while Mavic Pro takes the best pictures or film of who you decide. With faculties that respond to immediacy, he manages to capture everything in a simple way thanks to his innovative technology.

Its transmission range is 7 km, thanks to five visual sensors, GPS and GLONASS, two ultrasonic telemetric sensors and a 4K camera supported by a stabilized by three axes.
It has two 1920 x 108 screens and 1080p video transmission.

Equipped with Flight Autonomy that gives this model coordination to avoid any obstacle.

27 minutes of flight at 65km / h.

Phantom 4 Pro: Dji.

Technology for the most developed aerial image, composed of six cameras with optimal resolution and with the great addition of a sensor network.

It comes equipped with a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor that allows the recording of images in burst and filming at breakneck speed, at 72km / h.

The aircraft can be piloted in two ways: Frees only follows routes if ordered, looking in any possible direction; or forward, in which it is continuously being monitored with an eye on the direction of the journey.

It has the same Flight Autonomy system with double rear view sensors.

Flight time 30 minutes, has an anti-collision system in five directions.

X-Star: Autel Robotics.

Designed to fly over unseen areas and record them with the best HD resolution.

It has an intelligent flight control system, dual GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation with a particular Starpoint positioning system. In which the low altitudes and interiors of more difficult access do not prevent that it continues to be a revolution of the filming, in a safe and stable way.
Its LCD integrated to the controller gives the most critical specifics about the drone's path.
The exclusive X-Star SecureFly technology allows the drone to return home soon.

The camera is 4K (Ultra HD) with fixed images of 12MP, which is supported by three axes.
The HD Live View filming has 720p streaming almost 2 km away; as well as the autonomous flight mode that follow the objective through the Starlink application for operating systems: Android and iOS.

BEBOP 2: Parrot.

The unbeatable experience of this drone of 500 gr offers to extend our look to the horizon as if you were piloting a plane up to 2 km.

This feeling of visual freedom is thanks to the pack that Parrot gives us with BEBOP2; along with the Skycontroller 2 and the Parrot Cockpitglasses for a total immersion into the extraordinary.
With an autonomy of 25 minutes it is designed to fly indoors as well as outdoors.

Highly connected has a wifimejorada and protected connection which allows you to send live videos to any of our smart devices.

Among the facilities that it offers with its multiple handling options, you can pilot it with an exact precision and receive information in real time.

Your configuration option follow can pick up the big moments thanks to a powerful technology equipped with visual recognition.

The camera is fish-eye of 14 megapixels, the video is HD 1080p, stabilized in three axes.

DOBBY: Zerotech.

Designed for the great selfies of the moment, in a compact pocket size. You should only gently touch the top three times to start the fun in less than three seconds.

Equipped with SNAP 2.0 technology with automatic tracking and shooting of photographs to objects in the mobile state.

Its global electronic stabilization of 3-Aixs guarantees a high-quality shot in flight.

One of the most representative aspects of DOBBY is facial recognition by tracking track algorithm,

in which the face is scanned to begin tracking.

Equipped with GPS and GLONASS and wifi.


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