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While on the one hand there is the current trend of returning to our origins by recycling vintage garments, valuing that feeling of belonging and affection that has something to carry with a history behind; on the other, new technologies begin to sneak into all the vertices of fashion, placing themselves at the center of the scene to meet the individual requirements that currently afflict.

When back in 1935 the world was amazed by the great invention of nylon as the first synthetic fiber, no one imagined that today would be a compound that to a greater or lesser extent all genres would wear. We do not find it strange to read on our labels "70% nylon, 30% cotton". The same happened with the microfiber presented by Japan in 1980, a textile that we can all enjoy in our jackets and sportswear helping to evaporate the perspiration along with a waterproofing effect.

This will happen in a few years with the so-called smart textiles that today occupy a small market due to its high cost. These genres are interactive both with external stimuli of the environment, and with the stimuli received from the person wearing them, reacting and modifying their behavior. In this way, garments are created with LED lighting, others that monitor our health, digital dyes and accessories that go hand in hand with fashion.

It is no coincidence that Apple hired in 2013 Paul Deneve, former CEO of the firm Yves Saint Laurent, Angela Ahrendts formerly boss of Burberry and Enrique Atienza who was part of Levi Strauss & Co. Wearable technology, or clothing technology, goes arriving and creating an intimate and close relationship with the fashion world.

When Marou Rivero, he placed his Google Glass to interact with the public on the Córdoba Style catwalk, organized by Córdoba Shopping, we all wanted to be part of it. Although they are new to us, they have been in the market for years, and it was Diane Von Furstenberg who presented them for the first time as accessories in their designs at the Spring / Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week.

It is a transparent glasses with metal arms in different colors that intervene in the perception of those who wear them and allow you to take photos and videos and share them in real time thanks to its voice control, touch screen and internet connection. Sarah Jessica Parker, in the front row of the Fashion Weeks, made use of them and Jennifer Lawrence did the same at the premiere of The Hunger Games. We will see what happens with them, but without doubt Google Glass is a new addition that gets along very well with the Street style.

In the same line of accessories that complete the best looks, there is a bracelet called MEMI that vibrates with the notices of your phone. Leslie Simmons and Margaux Guerard, created this extension of your cell that alerts you without having to read on the screen or be attentive to the noise of the phone, called losses, messages or reminders. The same fate runs thenecklace designed by the New York firm Cellini that connects via Bluetooth with Smartphones and tablets and allows you to change the color of your LED indicator adjusting to the look of the wearer. Technology with a lot of style.

But the catwalks are not limited to accessories but also incorporate technology in the garments. The designers Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Fridman, creators of the firm Fyodor Golan presented in one of the latest editions of London Fashion Week an intelligent skirt made of smartphones where the screens showed different parts of the same image to give the illusion of a great picture. At the same time, they were changing with the movement imitating the way in which the tone of a garment changes when it moves from light to shadow and vice versa.

The Dutch stylist Anouk Wipprecht did not want to be left behind and in one of the fashion weeks held in Vienna, Austria, presented a dress called Pseudomorph. It contains a system of bubbles charged with ink that runs on battery. The ink is released by walking painting and transforming the white tissue that functions as a canvas. In this way, the work of art that is created is unique and unrepeatable, highlighting individuality in the face of the massiveness of consumerism.

Another of the firms that pioneered the imposition of technology in their designs was the company Cutecircuit. In their creations we see dresses with LED lights that change colors controlled with small batteries incorporated in the fabric, others that publish tweets and change their design based on Facebook updates. The Galaxy Dress was one of its most brilliant creations where luxury materials such as chiffon or Swarovski crystals are combined with electronic circuits.

Singer Katy Perry wore one of Cutecircuit's designs in May 2010 and Rihanna chose Moritz Waldemeyer, pioneer in the combination of fashion plus technology, to wear on her tour The Last Girl on Earth.

The German engineer Moritz, turned into a very avant-garde artist, was one of the first who dared to mix technology in all kinds of products, including fashion. In fact, he worked with the renowned English fashion designer Hussein Chalayan in his Readings collection, placing all the pieces inlaid with Swarovski crystals that reflected light along with lasers also integrated into the accessories. 

A very striking catwalk, by the way.

From the international catwalks and the great celebrities we go to the closest, to the daily, with creations that take care of us reaching the maximum in the top of functionality and design and of course, trend.

American football player Kevin Plank created his brand Under Armor focused on sun protection. Thus, he designed a series of t-shirts with a breathable system that keeps the body dry and cool as well as providing 360 ° sun protection and reflectivity to run safely in low light conditions. The June bracelet of Netatmo is another of the inventions that, in addition to combining very well with our garments, take care of the UVA rays, measuringthe impact of sun exposure on our skin telling us if we have received enough rays per day.

Self Devices, a company created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, began selling a little piece called Mimo de tela Organico that monitors worrying vital signs that can predict the so-called sudden death that occurs in babies when they sleep. Another company, First Warning Systems is working on a sports bodice with anatomical design that through a screen system performs a scan of the bust and in this way detects or alerts on possible signs of breast cancer.

Well-known brands, leaders in the sports market, such as Nike or Adidas, also work on the fusion of fashion with technology in their proposals and thus help us to maintain a healthy life. "My Elite Coach" is an Adidas system that records data such as strength, heart rate, speed, acceleration and distance covered in a workout that helps to maintain physical performance.

Meanwhile, Nike presented Tech Pack, a proposal of functional clothing made under the specifications of athletes such as Neymar, Rafael Nadal or Maria Sharapova. The collection consists of divers and lightweight jackets that facilitate the natural movement of the body thanks to an innovative fabric of 2 layers of cotton that, fused with another synthetic fabric, provides shelter without adding weight.

Last but not least, it is absolutely necessary to highlight the work of INTI, the National Institute of Industrial Technology of Argentina. It is in charge of the development of textile products oriented both to comfort and to respond to social needs that include insecticides, dyes, vitamins and antimicrobials. The technique for this manufacturing consists of a microencapsulation that covers the substance forming microspheres that are then fixed in the textiles.

Which is the limit? Are there limits?

We could say no. Millions are the examples that show that the relationship between technology and fashion becomes more and more narrow becoming one in itself. The needs of the users advance, they are no longer the same, therefore the fashion must evolve to be able to satisfy them. And without a doubt, everything related to digital and / or technological is one of the tools, if not the only one, that can help provide solutions.

A new stage where the concept of the importance of being proposed by Susana Saulquin fits perfectly. Where what matters is precisely who you are, what are your individual needs and how from the design you can meet them. A conscious consumption where the technologies applied to fashion play a fundamental role to achieve it.


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